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巴黎人官方App下载 Named One of the U.S. Best Places to Work for Midsize Companies

巴黎人官方App下载 has become one of Denver’s hottest tech companies, having achieved more than 50% compounded cloud annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth over the past two years, and now it’s one of the hottest tech companies to work for. A recent announcement from Built In named 巴黎人官方App下载 one of the best places to work for midsize companies nationwide and one of the best places to work in Colorado.

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巴黎人官方App下载 Expands Leadership Team to Support Growth

Capitalizing on the sustained adoption of its pioneering deployable Engine technology as well as more than 50% compounded cloud annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth over the past two years, 巴黎人官方App下载’s most recent growth investment is marked by the addition of Michael Phillippi as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Mark Lockwood as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Matt Thompson as Vice President of Marketing and follows 巴黎人官方App下载’s hiring of Erin Sawyer as Chief Financial Officer in early 2022.

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巴黎人官方App下载 Acquires Flowplayer | Advanced Television

巴黎人官方App下载 simplifies the complexities of video for organizations at any scale with solutions designed for reliability, 性能和可扩展性,” said David Stubenvoll, CEO and Co-Founder at 巴黎人官方App下载. “Integrating with Flowplayer to add key features, such as monetization and ad insertion, reinforces our brand promise to be the solution customers start with and the partner they scale with.”

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巴黎人官方App下载 Launches 巴黎人官方App下载 Video, an Integrated Platform for Building Video-Enabled Products and Services

Today we launched 巴黎人官方App下载 Video, an integrated video platform for building business-critical applications. The one-stop solution powers live streaming and video on demand (VOD) for organizations looking to enhance their products and services with video. As a continuation of 巴黎人官方App下载’s ongoing innovation, 巴黎人官方App下载 Video delivers a single, seamless platform with a full suite of new and enhanced functionality.

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